My regular - usually Wednesday - post.

Once a week I'm going to blog all the walking I've done in those seven days, with the ultimate aim of walking around every single street in Letchworth - which I shall be marking on this map (courtesy of this lovely bloke in Country Properties - who said estate agents weren't nice, huh?).  I'll be taking pictures of myself with every street's sign, as well as interesting stuff along the way. If there's nothing good to put I'll put down some thoughts/what I was listening to at the time.  This is inspired by Gabriel Duquette.

Now I'm at uni I've extended this to involve Wivenhoe. This will be much less scary than I thought last year because I now live in a small town/village that is semi-famed for its artistic community, as opposed to the not-quite-slum that is Greenstead. 

You can find the archive of all walking posts here. The Letchworth series is archived here, and the Wivenhoe series here.



(no map yet)